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The Omnibus Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

What do the MNGOP Gubenatorial straw polls mean? Walz has jailed his first political dissident, Lisa Hanson. The metro deals with increased carjackings. Is Julian Assage a hero or traitor? The GOP legislator lobbyists prep a billion-dollar corporate welfare subsidy. MN Hospital's plea for staff, while firing staff. 

Dec 9, 2021

Yes, Munson is fully vaxxed and also has COVID for the 2nd time. The LEA Scorecard proves Lucero is more conservative than Mortensen (also Munson finally beat Draz). New Hope Entrepreneur Zack Redmond was beaten up by the government twice in a year and would have been liberated by Munson's "Minnesota Food Freedom Act."...

Dec 3, 2021

A Federal Court stops Biden's CMS Vax Mandate for hospitals. The SCOTUS takes up the landmark Dobbs vs. Jackson abortion case. The CEO of Mayo continues to deny medical staff religious exemptions. HF1196 gets a hearing, a bill banning the government from using facial recognition software and co-authored by Munson. The...